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Triade Capita Humano is a brazilian Recruitment Consultancy focused on technical and specialized positions for the Middle and Upper Management.

Formed by a team of experienced, responsible, stubborn and absolutely passionate about what they do, who decided to build their own consultancy after working in renowned companies in the market, to meet a variety of methodologies and procedures for recruitment.

Tríade was created with the objective of building true partnerships with its client, knowing and honoring its history, the roles they play in the world and the place where they want to reach.

Committed to providing a strategic solution and customized, we seek to contribute virtuously to the success story of our clients, by attracting the best and most suitable professionals to its structure, instructing them of their representativeness, the company's purpose and how it makes a difference in the world.

Based on solid values and virtues, the company has a proposal to focus on product and service excellence and noticed from the first contact with us. We act promptly and firmly against the existence of obstacles, evaluating alternatives to overcome them. We are always attentive and willing to support our client in which we competes for construction and development in its history.

We carry Human Capital in our name because we like to see people with their skills, experience, knowledge, strengths, desires and goals. People are not numbers and the more we hear, the more we understand their profile, their search and their place in the world.

Tríade - Capital Humano: Linking Histories. Purposes

Field of Activity

For medium and large companies national or multinational, schemes for start ups or not, operating in the sectors of:

Areas of Recruitment

Specialized and technical positions for the following disciplines:


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In this space, we disclose some of the positions that we are conducting. If your profile is described in some of the opportunities below, tell us your history. If you find no identity with any, use the "candidates" area. We emphasize that Tríade do not charge the candidate for participating in our recruitment processes.

Linking Histories

When we think of creating Triade - Capital Humano, we did a market analysis of recruitment consultancies in which we operate. Undoubtedly, we we came shortly to mind the amount of players that exists in this sector, and the appearance, almost daily, of new entrants wanting to be part of that whole. Why should we create Tríade?

There are countless and excellent sized, positioning and varied nationalities consultancies - searching for a place under the Brazilian sun, representing the companies regarding the search for human resources in the market. We play a key role in building the history of these companies, bringing to them the main assets for sustainable development and for the company's behavior: human capital.

Returning to the original question, I will tell our story. Tríade was born from the union of a couple of headhunters passionate about this profession, which had the dream to make this work with quality and in a more human way. This same couple invited a team of professional, competent and virtuous that as they, also communed in the same belief. Moreover, shared the same values, and truly understanding that were there with the intention of assisting for the history of success of people. For us, Tríade had the right human talents to rise and fulfill the role which it proposed. We went ahead.

We were born to recruit and attract professional histories that, when attached to the histories of our clients, contribute to their success and for achievement of their goals. We are tenacious and meticulous in our job search, but this search only ends when we find identity between what is expected of the professional and what he expects of the company. We believe that we can only be accurate in this analysis, if we know well the histories that we will unite.

And in this compass we have a simple formula that is imprinted in our DNA: listen to people. Hear and Honor, more precisely. Listening to stories in the essence of building a company, a professional life. Honoring the path that was trodden by those who are before our eyes. Respect the histories. And when we do that, we created the link that moves us to see what role these companies and people perform in the world and the place where they want to reach. We got through this human look, see beyond what the news say about the company, the curriculum or market information, beyond what is being reported. We like to hear what is being said, what was done, what is expected and what it want to accomplish. This is our reason for being here.

This is Tríade Capital Humano, building our history, for you to build yours.


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Praça Floriano, 55 – room 602 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Phone: +55 21 3178-3033

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